loop interiors approach to creating spaces

Bringing together design, decoration, sustainability knowledge and project management skills, Teresa works with clients to help them form spaces that both look great and work for them. Focusing on residential spaces,  she will work with you to create a personal look that isn't governed by the latest trends but will naturally evolve overtime. Honest. True. You.

Loop one

Whether your priority is buying Australian, buying quality, focusing on natural materials, making your home more economical to run or reducing toxins, Loop Interiors can help you achieve it and much more. Using a 'RE' based approach, we work to transform spaces with rearrangement, remodelling, repurposing, recycling and responsible purchases. Essentially, we work with what you have already have and identify the gaps. We then help you select new materials and furnishings to bring your space together.  We can help you select good quality furniture, soft furnishings, linings, textiles and accessories that are locally or Australian made.   


Loop two

The design of your home effects how you use it.  When it comes to happy homes, some 'things' have to be in the right place. Looking at the home or room in its entirety, we help you identify what you actually need to achieve and ways to do this.  This is where our interior styling service goes one step further. With training in home organisation we are happy to rummage through your cupboards, de-clutter and reorganise what we find just as much as we are to choose a colour palette. Not only will your new space look good, it will work.  Using this opportunity to "shop within," we often dust off forgotten gems to bring fresh perspective and flatter your new space.  


Loop three

We recognise ‘more heads are better than one’ and you need to ‘rent a head’ for certain tasks or projects.  Sometimes to get you started, other times to find the end.  Recruiting an interior decorator is great way you find answers to your interior problems.  But Loop also believes in learning from our experiences, so our approach is about building your ability to understand what you really want and nurture the confidence to pull it off again. We teach you to ask the right questions and explain the solutions. A learning experience what will enable you to do it again yourself with confidence.