Specialising in sustainable interior decorating, I have used several resources and websites that I think you would find useful in starting your journey to a more sustainable lifestyle. I have also included a small selection of beautiful products made by local designers. This list is by no means comprehensive, it's just a snippet of what's out there.


Sustainable Design Resources

Sustainable Furniture Presentation - See talk HERE

Good Environment Choice Australia (GECA)     www.geca.org.au

Global Green Tag     www.globalgreentag.com/certified-products-australianz

Your Home Design Page www.yourhome.gov.au/

Live At The Cape House Designs www.liveatthecape.com.au/ecohousedesigns.html

Green Building Institute  www.greenbuilding.org.au

Home Environment Assessment Kit (Moonee Valley City Council) www.mvcc.vic.gov.au

Appliance Energy Rating Calculator www.energyrating.gov.au

Authentic Design Alliance www.authenticdesignalliance.org/

Magazines & Networks

Sanctuary Magazine www.sanctuarymagazine.org.au/

Green Magazine www.greenmagazine.com.au/

Peppermint Magazine www.peppermintmag.com/category/home-lifestyle/

Junkies Magazine www.junkies.com.au/

The Local Project www.thelocalproject.com.au


Healthy Home Healthy Family - Nicole Bijlsma

The Smart Living Handbook - Melissa Wittig & Danielle KIng

The Energy Freedom Home - Beyond Zero Emissions

Greeniology & Australian Green Consumer Guide - Tanya Ha

How to Rethink Building Materials - Edited by Dick Clarke

Rethink the way you live - Amanda Talbot

Green Design - A heatlhy home - Alan Berman

Waste Not - Erin Rhoades

What's In This Stuff - Pat Thomas

Remodelista The Organised Home - Julie Carson & Margot Guralnick

Affluenza - Clive Hamilton

Eco / Sustainable / Upcycling Blogs

Recycled Interiors www.recycledinteriors.org/

Undercover Architect www.undercoverarchitect.com/architecture-blog/

Second Hand Directory & Upcycling

The Junkmap www.thejunkmap.com.au/

Halsey Road Recyclers www.halseyroadrecyclers.com.au/

Bower Centre http://bower.org.au/

Vintage Shop Directory www.vintageshops.com.au/

Furniture - Lounge & Dining (retail & bespoke)

Handkrafted www.handkrafted.com/  Directory on craftsmen.

Jardan www.jardan.com.au  Locally made in Melbourne

Maker & Son www.makerandson.com/ Organic & natural products

Nicholls Design www.nichollsdesign.com.au

Felix Furniture www.felixfurniture.com/

Uliks / View Furniture www.viewfurniture.com

Thomas Gannan www.thomasgannan.com.au/

Arthur G www.arthurg.com.au/

Schembri Fine Furniture www.schembrifinefurniture.com.au/

East Style Furniture www.eaststyle.com.au/

Neel Dey Furniture www.recycledtimberfurniture.net/

Yard Furniture www.yardfurniture.com.au

Retrograde Furniture www.retrogradefurniture.com.au

Idle Hands www.idlehands.design/

Christopher Scott Furniture www.christopherscott.com.au/

Westwood  www.west-wood.com.au

Auld Design www.aulddesign.com.au/

Deep In The Woods www.deepinthewoods.com.au/

Kitchen Retro-fit or New Fitout

Cantilever Interiors www.cantileverinteriors.com/

Woodbeast www.woodbeast.com.au/

Smarter Kitchens www.smarterbathrooms.com.au

Dreamdoors www.dreamdoorskitchens.com.au/

Swap-a-top www.swapatop.com.au/ (quick overview of benchtop types)

Arkie Design www.arkiedesigns.com.au/

Fittings - Bathroom

Ingrain Designs www.ingraindesigns.com.au/

Bombora Custom Furniture www.bomboracustomfurniture.com.au

Timber Revival www.timberrevival.com.au

Onsen Design www.onsen.net.au/

Wood Melbourne www.woodmelbourne.com/

Formed www.formed.com.au/

Sussex Taps www.sussextaps.com.au

Phoenix Taps www.phoenixtapware.com.au

Rams Taps www.ramtaps.com.au

Methven www.methven.com/au/home

Caroma (Stainless Steel - Titan Range) www.caroma.com.au/

Bathe (Stainless Steel - Kaldewei Range) www.bathe.net.au

Materials & Coverings

Green painters www.greenpainters.org.au/

Ecolour www.ecolour.com.au

Livos www.livos.com.au/

Porters Paint www.porterspaints.com/

Whittle wax www.whittlewaxes.com.au/

Osmo Oil www.osmoaustralia.com.au/

Anro www.anrofloorcare.com.au/

Cork Flooring www.corkfloors.com.au/


Kethy www.kethy.com.au/

Hepburn Hardware www.hepburnhardware.com/

Made Measure www.mademeasure.com/

Spark & Burnish www.sparkandburnish.com.au/

Carpets & Rugs

Armadillo&Co www.armadillo-co.com/

Velieris www.velieris.com/

Oh Happy Home www.ohhappyhome.com.au

Floorspace www.floorspace.com.au/

Textiles & Bedding

Ink & Spindle  www.inkandspindle.com

Willie Weston www.willieweston.com/

Yolande Zarins www.yolandazarins.com/

Sustainable Living Fabrics www.sustainablelivingfabrics.com.au/

Print Ink Studio  www.printinkstudio.com/

Bhumi www.bhumi.com.au/

Ettitude www.ettitude.com.au/

Slower Dawn www.slowerdawn.com/

Sheets on the Line www.sheetsontheline.com.au/

Introduction to certification for textiles Found Here

Introduction to issues on fabric types Found Here


Lighting Matters www.lightingmatters.com.au

Who Did That www.whodidthat.com.au

Tub Design www.tubdesign.com.au/

Satelight www.satelight.com.au/

Plants. Lamps. Functional Accessories.

Growing Green Guide www.growinggreenguide.org/

One Tiny Jungle www.onetinyjungle.com.au

Lightly www.lightly.com.au/

Phil & Lea www.phillipandlea.com.au/

Idle Hands www.idlehands.design/

Big Design Market www.thebigdesignmarket.com/

Recycling & Repairing Organisations

Recycling near you resource http://recyclingnearyou.com.au/

Melbourne Repair Cafe www.melbournerepaircafe.org/

Ecoactive (Batteries & E-waste) www.ecoactiv.com.au/

BrightSparks (appliances) www.brightsparksaustralia.com/donate/

Brotherhood St Lawrence (appliances) http://stores.bsl.org.au/our-range/fridges-whitegoods/

Kids Off The Kerb (appliances) http://kidsoffthekerb.org/whitegoods-refurbishment-recycling-project/

Zilch (give your things a new home, no charge) http://au.ziilch.com/

Freecycle (give your things a new home, no charge) https://groups.freecycle.org/group/Melbourne/posts/all

Ebay www.ebay.com.au

Gumtree www.gumtree.com.au/

Diabetes Australia (Clothes and rags) www.diabetesvic.org.au/get-involved/clothing-collection

Menshed (Tools & Wood) http://mensshed.org/find-a-shed/

Local Aldi & Mitre10 stores take batteries

How Can I recycle...? http://www.recyclethis.co.uk 

Picobello  www.picobello.com.au

Tile Rescue www.tilerescue.com.au

DIY Craft courses / workshops

EcoGatherings   www.putyourheartintoit.com.au/

Handmakers Factory www.handmakersfactory.com.au/

The Windsor Workshop  www.the-windsor-workshop.com/

CERES www.ceres.org.au/education/courses/

The Thread Den www.threadden.com

Workshop Classes  www.work-shop.com.au

Health / Organic / Bulk Shops

The Source Moonee Ponds https://moonee-ponds.thesourcebulkfoods.com.au/

Urban Wellness Project www.urbanwellnessproject.com.au

Ladybird Organics www.ladybirdorganics.com.au